No Title Author Volume Page
1 MINIREVIEW] Unraveling interactions in microbial communities - from co-cultures to microbiomes Justin Tan, Cristal Zuniga, and Karsten Zengler* vol.53,No.5,2015 295-305
2 MINIREVIEW] Two stress sensor proteins for the expression of sigmaE regulon: DegS and RseB Dong Young Kim* vol.53,No.5,2015 306-310
3 Communities of ammonia oxidizers at different stages of Spartina alterniflora invasion in salt marshes of Yangtze River estuary Fei Xia1,2, Jemaneh Zeleke1,3, Qiang Sheng2, Ji-Hua Wu2, and Zhe-Xue Quan1* vol.53,No.5,2015 311-320
4 In vitro effects of N-acetyl cysteine alone and in combination with antibiotics on Prevotella intermedia Ji-Hoi Moon1,2, Eun-Young Jang1,3, Kyu Sang Shim3,4, and Jin-Yong Lee1* vol.53,No.5,2015 321-329
5 Identification of seven novel virulence genes from Xanthomonas citri subsp. citri by Tn5-based random mutagenesis Xue Song, Jing Guo, Wen-xiu Ma, Zhi-yuan Ji, Li-fang Zou, Gong-you Chen*, and Hua-song Zou* vol.53,No.5,2015 330-336
6 Genome sequence analysis of potential probiotic strain Leuconostoc lactis EFEL005 isolated from kimchi Jin Seok Moon1, Hye Sun Choi2, So Yeon Shin1, Sol Ji Noh1, Che Ok Jeon3, and Nam Soo Han1* vol.53,No.5,2015 337-342
7 Phosphorylation of the nucleocapsid protein of Hantaan virus by casein kinase II Jeong-Joong Yoon1, Yun-Tai Lee2, Hin Chu3, Seung-yeol Son2, and Manbok Kim4* vol.53,No.5,2015 343-347
8 Identification of Porcine Endogenous Retrovirus (PERV) packaging sequence and development of PERV packaging viral vector system Jiwon Choi1, Hoon-mi Kim1, Jong Kwang Yoon1, Yeondong Cho1, Hee-Jung Lee1, Kang Chang Kim1, Chang-Kyu Kim2, Gye-Woong Kim3, and Young Bong Kim1* vol.53,No.5,2015 348-353