No Title Author Volume Page
1 User guides for biologists to learn computational methods Dokyun Na* vol.58,No.3,2020 173-175
2 Microbial community analysis using high-throughput sequencing technology: a beginner’s guide for microbiologists Jihoon Jo, Jooseong Oh, and Chungoo Park* vol.58,No.3,2020 176-192
3 Instruction of microbiome taxonomic profiling based on 16S rRNA sequencing Hyojung Kim1, Sora Kim2, and Sungwon Jung1,2,3* vol.58,No.3,2020 193-205
4 Machine learning methods for microbiome studies Junghyun Namkung* vol.58,No.3,2020 206-216
5 STATR: A simple analysis pipeline of Ribo-Seq in bacteria Donghui Choe1, Bernhard Palsson2,3, and Byung-Kwan Cho1,4,5* vol.58,No.3,2020 217-226
6 Setup of a scientific computing environment for computational biology: Simulation of a genome-scale metabolic model of Escherichia coli as an example Junhyeok Jeon1 and Hyun Uk Kim1,2,3* vol.58,No.3,2020 227-234
7 User guide for the discovery of potential drugs via protein structure prediction and ligand docking simulation Bilal Shaker, Myung-Sang Yu, Jingyu Lee, Yongmin Lee, Chanjin Jung, and Dokyun Na* vol.58,No.3,2020 235-244