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1 [Minireview]Biodegradation of plastics: mining of plastic-degrading microorganisms and enzymes using metagenomics approaches Dae-Wi Kim1, Jae-Hyung Ahn2, and Chang-Jun Cha3* vol.60,No.10,2022 969-976
2 Phenotypic and genomic characteristics of Brevibacterium zhoupengii sp. nov., a novel halotolerant actinomycete isolated from bat feces Yuyuan Huang1, Lingzhi Dong1,2, Jian Gong1,2, Jing Yang1,2,3, Shan Lu1,2,3, Xin-He Lai4, Dong Jin1,2,3, Qianni Huang1,5, Ji Pu1, Liyun Liu1, and Jianguo Xu1,2,3* vol.60,No.10,2022 977-985
3 Microbial co-occurrence network in the rhizosphere microbiome: its association with physicochemical properties and soybean yield at a regional scale Sarbjeet Niraula, Meaghan Rose, and Woo-Suk Chang* vol.60,No.10,2022 986-997
4 Enzyme activity of Aspergillus section Nigri strains isolated from the Korean fermentation starter, nuruk Eunji Jeong and Jeong-Ah Seo* vol.60,No.10,2022 998-1006
5 Genomic and physiological analysis of C50 carotenoid-producing novel Halorubrum ruber sp. nov. Chi Young Hwang1, Eui-Sang Cho1, Won Jong Rhee1,2,3, Eunjung Kim1,2,3, and Myung-Ji Seo1,2,3* vol.60,No.10,2022 1007-1020
6 Early gut microbiota in very low and extremely low birth weight preterm infants with feeding intolerance: a prospective case-control study Ling Liu1,2, Dang Ao2, Xiangsheng Cai3, Peiyi Huang2, Nali Cai2, Shaozhu Lin2, and Benqing Wu1,3* vol.60,No.10,2022 1021-1031
7 DNA vaccine dual-expressing viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus glycoprotein and C-C motif chemokine ligand 19 induces the expression of immune-related genes in zebrafish (Danio rerio) Jin-Young Kim1, Hyoung Jun Kim2, Jeong Su Park3, and Se Ryun Kwon3* vol.60,No.10,2022 1032-1038
8 Core promoter mutation of nucleotides A1762T and G1764A of hepatitis B virus increases core promoter transactivation by hepatocyte nuclear factor 1 Mi So Seong1, Hyeon Jeong Hwang1, Eun Ah Jang1, Jeong Ah Jang1, Wah Wah Aung2, Yi Yi Kyaw2, and JaeHun Cheong1* vol.60,No.10,2022 1039-1047