No Title Author Volume Page
1 Prions in Microbes: The Least in the Most Moonil Son1,2,3*, Sia Han2, and Seyeon Lee2 vol.61,No.10,2023 881-889
2 Flavobacterium psychrotrophum sp. nov. and Flavobacterium panacagri sp. nov., Isolated from Freshwater and Soil Yong‑Seok Kim†, Eun‑Mi Hwang†, Chang‑Myeong Jeong, and Chang‑Jun Cha* vol.61,No.10,2023 891-901
3 Impact of Elevational Gradients and Chemical Parameters on Changes in Soil Bacterial Diversity Under Semiarid Mountain Region Salman Khan1,2, Chun Han1,2, Awais Iqbal1, Chao Guan1,2, and Changming Zhao1,2* vol.61,No.10,2023 903-915
4 Quantitative Analysis of RNA Polymerase Slippages for Production of P3N‑PIPO Trans‑frame Fusion Proteins in Potyvirids Dongjin Choi, and Yoonsoo Hahn* vol.61,No.10,2023 917-927
5 Development of a Novel Korean H9‑Specific rRT‑PCR Assay and Its Application for Avian Influenza Virus Surveillance in Korea Mingeun Sagong1,2†, Yong‑Myung Kang1†, Na Yeong Kim1, Eun Bi Noh1, Gyeong‑Beom Heo1, Se‑Hee An1, Youn‑Jeong Lee1, Young Ki Choi2*, and Kwang‑Nyeong Lee1* vol.61,No.10,2023 929-936
6 Erratum to: UBCG2: Up‑to‑Date Bacterial Core Genes and Pipeline for Phylogenomic Analysis Jihyeon Kim1,2, Seong‑In Na1, Dongwook Kim1,2, and Jongsik Chun1,2,3 vol.61,No.10,2023 937