No Title Author Volume Page
1 [EDITORIAL] Host‑Associated Microbiome Woo Jun Sul* vol.61,No.3,2024 135-136
2 The Microbiome Matters: Its Impact on Cancer Development and Therapeutic Responses In‑Young Chung*†, Jihyun Kim†, and Ara Koh* vol.61,No.3,2024 137-152
3 Metabolic Interaction Between Host and the Gut Microbiota During High‑Fat Diet‑Induced Colorectal Cancer Chaeeun Lee, Seungrin Lee, and Woongjae Yoo* vol.61,No.3,2024 153-165
4 Balancing Act of the Intestinal Antimicrobial Proteins on Gut Microbiota and Health Ye Eun Ra1, and Ye‑Ji Bang1,2,3* vol.61,No.3,2024 167-179
5 Skin Deep: The Potential of Microbiome Cosmetics Ju Hee Han1, and Hei Sung Kim2* vol.61,No.3,2024 181-199
6 Application of Microbiome‑Based Therapies in Chronic Respiratory Diseases Se Hee Lee1†, Jang Ho Lee2†, and Sei Won Lee2* vol.61,No.3,2024 201-216
7 Understanding the Diversity and Roles of the Ruminal Microbiome Gi Beom Keum†, Sriniwas Pandey†, Eun Sol Kim, Hyunok Doo, Jinok Kwak, Sumin Ryu, Yejin Choi, Juyoun Kang, Sheena Kim*, and Hyeun Bum Kim* vol.61,No.3,2024 217-230
8 MAPK Cascades in Plant Microbiota Structure and Functioning Thijs Van Gerrewey1, and Hoo Sun Chung1,2* vol.61,No.3,2024 231-248
9 Biological and Chemical Approaches for Controlling Harmful Microcystis Blooms Wonjae Kim1, Yerim Park1, Jaejoon Jung2, Che Ok Jeon2, Masanori Toyofuku3, Jiyoung Lee4,5, and Woojun Park1* vol.61,No.3,2024 249-260