No Title Author Volume Page
1 Structural Insights into the Lipopolysaccharide Transport (Lpt) System as a Novel Antibiotic Target Yurim Yoon, and Saemee Song* vol.62,No.4,2024 261-275
2 Saxibacter everestensis gen. nov., sp. nov., A Novel Member of the Family Brevibacteriaceae, Isolated from the North Slope of Mount Everest Mao Tian1,2,3, Shiyu Wu1,2,3, Wei Zhang2,4*, Gaosen Zhang2,4, Xue Yu2,3,4, Yujie Wu2,3,4, Puchao Jia2,3,4, Binglin Zhang1,2,3, Tuo Chen1,2, and Guangxiu Liu2,4 vol.62,No.4,2024 277-284
3 Sporosarcina jeotgali sp. nov., Sporosarcina oncorhynchi sp. nov., and Sporosarcina trichiuri sp. nov., Isolated from Jeotgal, a Traditional Korean Fermented Seafood Ah‑In Yang1,2, Bora Kim1, Sung‑Hong Joe1,3, Hae‑In Joe2, Hanna Choe1, Ki Hyun Kim1, Min Ok Jun1, and Na‑Ri Shin1* vol.62,No.4,2024 285-296
4 Effects of Light and Dark Conditions on the Transcriptome of Aging Cultures of Candidatus Puniceispirillum marinum IMCC1322 Ji Hyen Lee1, and Hyun‑Myung Oh2* vol.62,No.4,2024 297-314
5 Syntaxin17 Restores Lysosomal Function and Inhibits Pyroptosis Caused by Acinetobacter baumannii Zhiyuan An1*, and Wenyi Ding2 vol.62,No.4,2024 315-325
6 Vaccine Development for Severe Fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome Virus in Dogs Seok‑Chan Park1, Da‑Eun Jeong2, Sun‑Woo Han3, Joon‑Seok Chae3, Joo‑Yong Lee4, Hyun‑Sook Kim4, Bumseok Kim1, and Jun‑Gu Kang2* vol.62,No.4,2024 327-335