Title Characterization and Identification of the Bacteriophage P4 Mutant Suppressin sir Mutations of Bacteriophage P2
Author Kim, Kyoung Jin * · Sunshine, Melvin G.¹ · Six, Erich W. ¹
Address Department of Microbiology, Sunmoon University; ¹Department of Microbiology, University of Iowa
Bibliography Journal of Microbiology, 36(4),262-265, 1998,
Key Words Bacteriophage P2-P4, E. coli, packaging, site-specific recombination, integrase.
Abstract Bacteriophage P4 ost1 was isolated as a suppressor mutant of P2 sir3 and identified by restriction enzyme site analysis. The mutant DNA turned out to be an imperfect P4 trimer containing deletions. It was suggested that the deletion resulted from int-mediated site-specific recombination. CsCl equilibrium density gradient experiment confirmed the genome size of P4 ostl.
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