Title Purification of an Immunosuppressor Produced by Penicillium urticae
Author Lee, Jae Jung · Yoo, Seoung Ku * · Kim, Eui Joong · Yu, Ju Hyun · Bai, Dong Hoon¹ · Yoon, Sung Sik² · Kim, Wook Sung³
Address Department of Biotechnology, College of Engineering and Bioproducts Research Center, Yonsei University; ¹Department of Food Engineering, Dankook University; ²Department of Biological Resources and Technology, Yonsei University; ³PULMUONE Co.
Bibliography Journal of Microbiology, 36(4),280-282, 1998,
Key Words Immunosuppressive chemical, Penicillium urticae, Patulin, mouse mixed lymphocyte reaction
Abstract An immunosuppressive chemical produced by Penicilium urticae (KFCC 11611) was purified from the supernatant of a culture broth by ethyl acetate extraction, silica gel column chromatography, and precipitation by adding cold n-hexane followed by crystalization. The chemical effectively inhibited the mouse mixed lymphocyte reaction (MLR) at a concentration of 1.25ⅹ10^3 ㎍/ml, which was lower than the effective concentration of cyclosporin A. The chemical was identified as the antibiotic patulin (MW 154.1 Da) by NMR and mass spectroscopy.
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