Title Construction of a Hexapeptide Library using Phage Display for Bio-panning
Author Cho, Won Hee · Yoo, Seung Ku *
Address Department of Biotechnology, College of Engineering and Bioproducts Research Center, Yonsei University
Bibliography Journal of Microbiology, 37(2),97-101, 1999,
Key Words hexapeptide library, filamentous bacteriophagem SurfZAP vector, topoisomerase II, biopanning
Abstract Random hexapeptide library on the surface of filamentous bacteriophage was constructed using the SurfZAP vector. The size of the library was approximately 105. The peptide insert was flanked by two cysteines to constrain the peptide structure with a disulfide bond. This library was screened for the topoisomerase II binding peptide. Dramatic enrichment of the fusion phage over the VCS M13 helper phage was demonstrated by bio-panning affinity selection.
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