Title Purification and Characterization of Chitinase from a Marine Bacterium, Vibrio sp. 98CJ11027
Author Shin Hye Park, Jung-Hyun Lee, and Hong Kum Lee *
Address Microbiology Laboratory, Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute, Ansan P. O. Box 29, Seoul 425-600, Korea
Bibliography Journal of Microbiology, 38(4),224-229, 2000,
Key Words chitinase, purification, marine bacterium, Vibrio sp.
Abstract Chitin-degrading marine bacterial strain 98CJ11027 was isolated from bryozoa from the coastal area of Cheju Island, Korea, and identified as a member of the genus Vibrio. The molecular mass of the main extracellular chitinase (chitinase I), purified from strain 98CJ11027, was estimated to be 98 kDa. The optimal condition for chitinase I activity is pH 6.0 and 45 C. The activity was inhibited by Fe^+2 and Cu^+2. Chitinase I displayed the hydrolysis type of chitobiosidase and catalyzed reversed hydrolysis leading to the synthesis of tetraacetylchitotetraose.
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