Title Isolation and Identification of Biofilm-Forming Marine Bacteria on Glass Surfaces in Dae-Ho Dike, Korea
Author Kae Kyoung Kwon, Hyun Sang Lee, Sung-Young Jung 1 , Joung-Han Yim, Jung-Hyun Lee, and Hong Kum Lee*
Address Marine Microbiology Lab, Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute, Ansan P.O. Box 29, Seoul 425-600, Korea
Bibliography Journal of Microbiology, 40(4),260-266, 2002,
Key Words biofilm, marine bacteria, exopolysaccharide
Abstract Bacterial strains were isolated from biofilms formed on glass slides submerged in seawater in Dae-Ho Dike. Eight strains showing fast attaching ability were selected and identified. Their exopolysaccharide(EPS)-producing ability and EPS properties were characterized. Based on Microlog System, 4 among the 8 strains were identified as Micrococcus luteus and the rest were Bacillus thuringiensis, Bacillus megaterium, Staphylococcus saprophyticus and Agrobacterium vitis. A. vitis was reidentified as Sulfitobacter pontiacus based on 16S rDNA sequence data. The amount of water-soluble EPS produced by the 8 strains ranged from 0.114 to 1.329 g·l^-1 and the productivity was negatively correlated with the cell biomass. The molecular weight of the produced EPS ranged from 0.38 to 25.19x 10^4 Da. Glucose and galactose were ubiquitous sugar components. Mannose, ribose, and xylose were also major sugar components. The molecular weight and composition of the EPS showed strain-specific variation.
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