Title Sequence Analysis of the Gene Encoding H Antigen in Escherichia coli Isolated from Food in Morocco
Author Samira Badri1*, Aziz Fassouane2, Ingrid Filliol3, Mohammed Hassar1, and Nozha Cohen1
Address 1Laboratoire de Microbiologie et d'Hygiène des Aliments et de l'Environnement, Institut Pasteur du Maroc, Casablanca 20100, Morocco, 2Laboratoire de biochimie, Département de Biologie, Faculté des Sciences d’Eljadida, Université Chouaib, Doukkali 24000, Morocco, 3Centre national de référence des Escherichia coli et Shigella, Unité de Biodiversité des Bactéries pathogènes émergentes, Institut Pasteur de Paris, Paris 75015, France
Bibliography Journal of Microbiology, 48(2),184-187, 2010,
Key Words E. coli, H-antigen, fliC gene, sequence analysis, PCR-RFLP
Abstract In order to develop other molecular method useful for typing of motile and non motile Escherichia coli strains, a total of 207 strains of E. coli (133 reference strains, 74 food strains) were characterized by analysis of sequences of their amplified flagellin-encoding (fliC) gene products. The collection of reference strains was used for database building of fliC gene sequences. Application of this identification system to 74 E. coli food isolates revealed a reproducible and clear cut classification with very good correlation to results obtained by HhaI restriction of the amplified flagellin gene. The proposed determination of fliC sequences variations should be helpful for epidemiological studies.