Title Disruption of SCO5461 Gene Coding for a Mono-ADP-Ribosyltransferase Enzyme Produces a Conditional Pleiotropic Phenotype Affecting Morphological Differentiation and Antibiotic Production in Streptomyces coelicolor
Author Krisztina Szirák, Judit Keserű, Sándor Biró, Iván Schmelczer, György Barabás, and András Penyige*
Address Department of Human Genetics, Medical and Health Science Center, University of Debrecen, Debrecen, Nagyerdei krt 98, H-4032, Hungary
Bibliography Journal of Microbiology, 50(3),409-418, 2012,
Key Words Streptomyces, mono-ADP-ribosyltransferase, protein ADP-ribosylation, morphological differentiation, actinorhodin production and secretion
Abstract The SCO5461 gene of Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2) codes for an ADP-ribosyltransferase enzyme that is predicted to be a transmembrane protein with an extracellular catalytic domain. PCR-targeted disruption of the gene resulted in a mutant that differentiated normally on complex SFM medium; however, morphological differentiation in minimal medium was significantly delayed and this phenotype was even more pronounced on osmotically enhanced minimal medium. The mutant did not sporulate when it was grown on R5 medium, however the normal morphological differentiation was restored when the strain was cultivated beside the wild-type S. coelicolor M145 strain. Comparison of the pattern of ADP-ribosylated proteins showed a difference between the mutant and the wild type, fewer modified proteins were present in the cellular crude extract of the mutant strain. These results support our previous suggestions that protein ADP-ribosylation is involved in the regulation of differentiation and antibiotic production and secretion in Streptomyces.