Title Author’s Correction] Experimental Phasing Using Zinc and Sulfur Anomalous Signals Measured at the Zinc Absorption Peak
Author Sangmin Lee1,2, Min-Kyu Kim1, Chang-Jun Ji3, Jin-Won Lee3*, and Sun-Shin Cha1,2,4*
Address 1Marine Biotechnology Research Division, Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology, Ansan 426-744, Republic of Korea, 2Ocean Science and Technology School, Korea Maritime University, Pusan 606-791, Republic of Korea, 3Department of Life Science and Institute for Natural Sciences, Hanyang University, Seoul 133-791, Republic of Korea, 4Department of Marine Biotechnology, University of Science and Technology, Daejeon 305-333, Republic of Korea
Bibliography Journal of Microbiology, 51(6),886, 2013,
DOI 10.1007/s12275-013-0725-5
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Abstract In the article by Lee et al. published in the Journal of Microbiology 2013; 51, 639-643. Acknowledgement should appear as shown below. This work was supported by the National Research Foundation of Korea Grant NRF-2012R1A2A2A02005978, the CAP through Korea Research Council of Fundamental Science Technology (KRCF), Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), & Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST), the Marine and Extreme Genome Research Center program, and the Development of Biohydrogen Production Technology Using Hyperthermophilic Archaea program of MOF. Works performed at Hanyang University were supported by Basic Science Research Program through the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) (KRF-2008-313-C00774).