Title Orbilia tianmushanensis sp. nov., a new member of the O. luteorubella group with an unusual asexual morph
Author Ying Zhang1, Yunrun Zhang1, Jianyong Dong1, Xiaoxia He1, Min Qiao1, Hans-Otto Baral2, Ke-Qin Zhang1, and Zefen Yu1*
Address 1Laboratory for Conservation and Utilization of Bio-resources and Key Laboratory for Microbial Resources of the Ministry of Education, Yunnan University, Kunming 650091, P. R. China, 2Blaihofstr. 42, 72074 Tübingen, Germany
Bibliography Journal of Microbiology, 54(1),9-13, 2016,
DOI 10.1007/s12275-016-5369-4
Key Words Orbilia luteorubella, Anguillospora, Helicoon, nonpredacious fungi, phylogenetic relationships
Abstract A new species of Orbilia related to O. luteorubella is described mainly based on morphological characters of its asexual morph and molecular data. The sexual morph does not significantly differ from O. luteorubella, whereas the asexual morph obtained from its ascospore isolate resembles members of the non-predacious genus Dactylella, because it has fusiform phragmoconidia borne singly at the apex of conidiophores. Phylogenetic analysis showed that this strain clustered with a clade that included available strains of the O. luteorubella aggregate and was distant from all analysed Dactylella species. Within this clade, the new strain fell between species with filiform conidia and those of a Pseudotripoconidium anamorph. By combining morphological and phylogenetic analyses, we conclude that our isolate belongs to a new taxon. Pleomorphism of the new taxon is described and discussed.