Title Probiotic supplements alleviate gestational diabetes mellitus by restoring the diversity of gut microbiota: a study based on 16S rRNA sequencing
Author Qing-Xiang Zheng1, Xiu-Min Jiang1*, Hai-Wei Wang1, Li Ge2, Yu-Ting Lai2, Xin-Yong Jiang2, Fan Chen2, and Ping-Ping Huang2
Address 1Fujian Maternity and Child Health Hospital Affiliated to Fujian Medical University, Fuzhou 350000, P. R. China, 2Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fuzhou 350122, P. R. China
Bibliography Journal of Microbiology, 59(9),827-839, 2021,
DOI 10.1007/s12275-021-1094-8
Key Words gut microbiota, probiotics, gestational diabetes mellitus, 16S rRNA sequencing
Abstract Probiotics effectively prevent and improve metabolic diseases such as diabetes by regulating the intestinal microenvironment and gut microbiota. However, the effects of probiotics in gestational diabetes mellitus are not clear. Here, we showed that probiotic supplements significantly improved fasting blood glucose in a gestational diabetes mellitus rat model. To further understand the mechanisms of probiotics in gestational diabetes mellitus, the gut microbiota were analyzed via 16S rRNA sequencing. We found that compared with the normal pregnant group, the gestational diabetes mellitus rats had decreased diversity of gut microbiota. Moreover, probiotic supplementation restored the diversity of the gut microbiota in gestational diabetes mellitus rats, and the gut microbiota structure tended to be similar to that of normal pregnant rats. In particular, compared with gestational diabetes mellitus rats, the abundance of Firmicutes and Actinobacteria was higher after probiotic supplementation. Furthermore, activating carbohydrate metabolism and membrane transport pathways may be involved in the potential mechanisms by which probiotic supplements alleviate gestational diabetes mellitus. Overall, our results suggested that probiotic supplementation might be a novel approach to restore the gut microbiota of gestational diabetes mellitus rats and provided an experimental evidence for the use of probiotic supplements to treat gestational diabetes melitus.