Title The Aerobic Nature of Arcobacter nitrofigilis
Author Han, Yeong Hwan
Address Department of Biology, College of Natural Sciences, Dongguk University
Bibliography Korean Journal of Microbiology, 32(1),7-11, 1994
Key Words Arcobacter nitrofigilis, aerobic, cytochrome
Abstract The free-livein nitrogen fixing bacterium, Arcobacter nitrofigilis which has been known to be a microaerophile, exhibited aerobic growth in brucella broth. In a level of oxygen equivalent to an air atmosphere (21% O₂), the maximum cell growth was observed in brucella broth. Low level of cell growth occurred in a level of low oxygen equivalent to lower than 2%, unless any other terminal electron acceptors other than oxygen were wupplied in brucella broth. Membrane-bound cytochrome b and c, and soluble cytochrome c were found. The growth in an aerobic atmosphere, little growth at low oxygen level, and occurrence of cytochrome c mean that this species is an aerobe and obtains energy using energy-yielding respiration.
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