Title Cloning and Sequence Analusts of the rtpB, trpA and 3' trpC(F) Gene of Vibrion metshnikovii Strain RH530
Author Kwon, Yong Tae · Kim, Jin Oh · Yoo, Young Dong · Rho, Hyun Mo *
Address Department of Molecular Biology and Research Center for Cell Difference, Seoul National University
Bibliography Korean Journal of Microbiology, 32(2),120-125, 1994
Key Words Vibrion metshnikovii, DNA sequencing, tryptophan synthase, intercistronic region, sequence homology
Abstract The genes, trpB, trpA and 3’ trpC(F) of Vibrio metschnikovii strain RH530 were cloned and sequenced. The trpB and trpA genes had open reading frames of 1,173 bp and 804 bp encoding 391 and 268 amino acids, respectively. The trpB and trpA genes had conventional ribosome-binding sequences and overlapped with each other by one nucleotide, suggesting that these two genes are translationally coupled. 115 nucleotide upstream the trpB start codon, tjere was an incomplete open reading frame of the 3’-end of the trpC(F). The amino acid sequences of trpB, trpA and trpC(F) of V. metschnikovii RH530 had identities of 64.2%, 82.4% and 73.7% respectively, for those of V. parahaemolyticus; 58.7%, 72.3% and 54.9%, respectively, for Salmonella typhimurium; and 42.6%. 54.1% and 12.5%, respectively, for brevibacterium lactofermentum. The genetic organization of these genes, especially in the noncoding region between trpC(F) and trpB, was distinct from that of Enterobacteriaceae.
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