Title Transduction of the Wild-Type polA Gene of Escherichia coli K-12 in a ColE1-Derived Mini-Mu Plasmid
Author Nagy-Gyorgy Parduez, Sara * · Yong-Keel Choi ** · Young-Sup, Chung *
Address * Department de Sciences Biologiques, Uninersite de Montreal; ** Department of Biology. College of Natural Sciences, Hanyang University
Bibliography Korean Journal of Microbiology, 30(2),134-140, 1992
Key Words Escherichia coli, polA^+ gene, ColEI plamid, in vivo cloning
Abstract The polA^+ gene can be transducted in a multicopy mini-Mu plasmid, but not cloned because the product of this gene is lethal when overproduced. Although, we obtained one surviving cell, in which the ColEl-derived mini-Mu plasmid suffered a spontaneous deletion exactly at the region where the polA^+ gene was cloned. The PolA^+ unstream flanking sequence containing the promoter and pribnow-box was delected in vivo ; consequently this gene is not able to be expressed.
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