Title Regulatory mutations for anaerobic inducible gene expression in salmonella typhimurium
Author Bang, Iel Soo · Lee, Yun Joung · Koh, Sang Kyun * · An, Chung Sun ** · Lee, Yung Nok · Park, Yong Keun
Address Department of Biology, Korea University; * Department of Microbiology, Taejon University; ** Department of Miology, Seoul National University
Bibliography Korean Journal of Microbiology, 30(5),347-354, 1992
Key Words Salmonella typhimurium, ani-lacZ fusion, Mud-P22 lysogen oxygen-regulated regulatory mutant
Abstract New regulatory, loci which participate in the regulation of anaerobic inducible gene expression in Salmonella typhimurium were identified. We observed the regulatory network of new regulator mutations to various anaerobic inducible gene (1). Some anaerobic inducible lac fusions were also induced at low pH condition which was severe environment to withstand for its virulence at the place like phagolysosome. Sic oxygen-regulated regulatory mutants (oxr) isolated by Tn10 mutagenesis were divided into two groups. Five of them were found to show negative effect on the regulation of anaerobic gene expression, while on e showed positive effect on the regulation. Genetic loci of four oxr were identified with 54 Mud-P22 lysogens covering the whole chromosome of S. typhimurium, in the nearby region of map unit 87 min (oxr101), 63 min (oxr104), 97 min (oxr 105), and 57 min (oxr 106), respectively. Two oxr mutants were subjected to two-dimensional polyacrylamide electrophoretic analysis of anaerobic inducible proteins for searching the control circuitry of our oxr mutants.
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