Title Aspartate계 아미노산 대사 효모 유전자 HOM6의 cloning 및 구조분석
Author 김응기 · 이호주
Address 강원대학교 생물학과
Bibliography Korean Journal of Microbiology, 24(4),357-363, 1986
Key Words Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Homoserine dehydrogenase gene(HOM6), Restriction map
Abstract Synthesis of threonine and methionine in yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae shares a common pathway from aspartate via homoserine. HOM6 gene encodes homoserine dehydrogenase (HSDH) which catalyzes the inter-conversion of beta-aspartate semialdehyde and homoserine. The level of HSDH is under methionine specific control. A recombinant plasmid (pEK1: 13.3kb), containing HOM6 gene, has been isolated and cloned into E. coli by complenemtary transformation of a homoserine auxotrophic yeast strain M-20-20D (hom6, trp1, ura3) to a prototrophic M20-20D/pEK1, using a library of yeast genomic DNA fragments in a yeast centromeric plasmid, YCp50(8.0kb). Isolation of HOM6has been primarily confirmed by retransformation of the original yeast strain M20-20D, using the recombinant plasmid DNA which was extracted from M20-20D/pEK1 and subsequently amplified in E. coli. Eleven cleavage sites in the insery (5.3kb) have been localized through fragment analysis for 8 restriction endonucleases; Bgl II(2 site), Bgl II(1), Cla I(3), Eco RI(1), Hind III(2), Kpn I (1), Pvu II(1) and Xho I(1).
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