Title Streptomyces tubercidicus의 원형질체 융합
Author 유진철 · 홍순우 · 하영칠
Address 서울대학교 자연과학대학 미생물학과
Bibliography Korean Journal of Microbiology, 24(4),364-369, 1986
Key Words Streptomyces tubercidicus, protoplast preparation, regeneration, fusion, protoplast releasing process
Abstract A procedure for the preparation, regeneration and fusion of protoplasts of Streptomyces tubercidicus was confirmed. Also, protoplast releasing processes from mycelia were observed by scanning electron microscope. Three types of protoplasts releasing processes-from the hyphal tip, hyphal end regions and lateral regions of the hyphae-were observed. More than 17% regeneration efficiency was obtained by regeneration medium that is composed of tryptone-yeast extract-sodium acetate-MgCl₂-CaCl₂-sucrose. Optimal concentrations of Ca^++, Mg^++ and sucrose in the regeneration medium were 50mM, 0.4-0.5M respectively. Above 30% of fusion frequency of the protoplasts derived from two auxotrophic strains of S. tubercidicus was induced by polyethylene glycol 4000(60% w/v).
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