Title 항산성균 항원분획의 혈청학적 활성
Author 배용수 · 김상재 · 배길한 · 이승호
Address 대한결핵협회 결핵연구원
Bibliography Korean Journal of Microbiology, 24(4),377-384, 1986
Key Words mycobacterial antrigens, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Mycobacterium fortuitum
Abstract A study on the production of mycobacterial antogens has been made in order to improve immunological reactivity and specificity, which have long been explored for the better use of immunological diagnosis of mycobacterial infections. Instead of culture filtrate cell extract was used as a starting material for the production of antigens in this study. Cell extract was fractionated though several steps such as salting out, gel filtration and ion exchange column chromatography and reactivity and specificity of the fractions so produced were enaluated by the various serological methods. The result showed that the species-specific antigenic components distributed mostly in the fractions, Tc of M. tuberculosis, Kc of M. kansasii, Sa of M. scrofulaceum, Aa of M. avium and Fa, Fb, Fc (FF1) of M. fortuitum, which were fractionated by ion exchange column prior to concentrating by salting out and molecular sieving.
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