Title 한국산 Rhizobium 속의 분리 및 동정
Author 하남주 · 안태근 * · 이영록 *
Address 삼육대학 약학과; * 고려대학교 생물학과
Bibliography Korean Journal of Microbiology, 22(2),73-76, 1984
Key Words Isolation andIdentification of the Genus Rhizobium
Abstract From the root nodules of legumes distributed in South Korea, 74 strains of Rhizobium were isolated. The strains isolated were identified based on Bergey's Manual and Vincent's identification key. Following 5 species of Rhizobium were confirmed. R. leguminosarum, R. meliloti, R. phaseoli, R. trifolii, and R. japonicum
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