Title E. coli 세포분열 유전자 sep의 Cloning 및 Transcription에 관한 연구
Author 이묘재 · James R. Walker
Address 미국 Texas대학 미생물학과
Bibliography Korean Journal of Microbiology, 22(4),235-242, 1984
Key Words Cloning and Transctiption of Excherichia coli Cell Division Gene, sep
Abstract Sep gene, which is one of the cell division genes coding for penicillin binding protein 3 was subcloned from λ 607sep^+2 to plasmid pBR 322. which has a strong promotor such as lac UV5(lacP). It was confirmed that the sep gene cloned to pLJ3 was in the proper orientation for expressionfrom lactose promotor. To analyze the expression efficiency of sep gene within the plasmids newly constructed, sep mRNA was assated by using λ607sep^+2 DAN as a probe. Sep mRNA level was increased 25 times in the cells carrying sep gene cloned to pBR322 compared to E. coli C600 which has wild type sep gene within the chromosome instead of plasmid. Furthermore, the cells carrying sep gene cloned to pLJ3 directed the synthesis of about 50 times as much sep mRNA as did cells carrying sep gene cloned to pBR 322, representing that the sep gene was successfully cloned to pLJ3.
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