Title E. coli pRDI에서의 DAP-영양요구성 변이주 분리 및 동정
Author 이호자
Address 경희새학교 생물학과
Bibliography Korean Journal of Microbiology, 22(4),265-269, 1984
Key Words Isolation and identification of DAP-auxotrophs from E. coli pRDI
Abstract For the utilization as donor cells of conjugation, DAP-Auxotrophs were isolated from C. coli cells, carrying plasmid p^RD1 with(a) drug resistance makers from Pseudononas (Km^r, Carb^r, Tc^r) and (b) the nif-gene group from Klebsiela. E. coli p^RD1 cells were treated with nitrosoguanidine for the mutagenesis and cephalexin for the isolation of DAP-Auxotrophs. The nature of auxotrophs was verified by suitable biochemical test and checking with 6-cyanopurine as a color indicator for the presence of nif-gene.
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