Title 한국 논 토양중의 균류에 관한 연구 II
Author 민경희 · 천경숙 · Tadagoshi Ito * · Tatsuo Yokoyama *
Address 숙명여자대학교 이과대학 생물학과; Institute for Fermentation, Osaka, Japan *
Bibliography Korean Journal of Microbiology, 20(1),41-49, 1982
Key Words Fungus flora of paddy fields in korea; II. Fungal flora of paddy fields
Abstract The soil microfungal flora of the paddy fields in Korea was investigated at four different seasons. The fungi were isolated by the dilution plate method from soil samples of two selected sites around Seoul. A total of 85 isolates was obtained as pure cultures and 30 species 13 genera were identified and 11 isolates were unidentified. Among these, 6 species of Deuteromycetous fungi, Penicillium spp., were found to be dominant in paddy field soils. Penicillium funiculosum, P. piceum, P. roqueforti and P. verruculosum were described as new to Korea. P. piceum has remarkable characteristics of the typical columnar head similar to a compact spruce-like evergreen tree. P. requeforti has penicilli variable in pattern with compactly branched metulae and appressed or Paecilomyces variotii were also described. In addition, Zygorhynchus moelleri, a remarkably dominant Zygomycete in Korean paddy soils, produces subglobose sporangia with oval columella and dark colored zygospores of about 35.mu.m in diameter.
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