Title 진해만의 미생물분포 I
Author 최영길
Address 한양대학교 이과대학 생물학과
Bibliography Korean Journal of Microbiology, 19(2),45-51, 1981
Key Words Microbial Distribution in Jiahae-bay (I); Relationship between Microbial distribution and Environmental factors
Abstract The physico-chemical and biological factors of coastal sea water were measured bimonthly from 1976 to 1979 for elucidating the relationship between microbial distribution and environmental factors at Masan and Jinhae bay. The experimental results are summarized as followings : 1) The polulation size of bactriz in sea water were increasing as the water temperature increased, and that was higher at station 2 and 3 than at station 1. The number of fungi showed the highest value on July on bottom. The population size of yeast showed no seasonal variation and also showed a relation with the geographic distance. 2) The correlationship between microbial distribution and environmental factors showed little coefficiency in surface water. And the other hand, at bottom water, between general bacteria and water temperature and dissolved oxygen, and between yeast and salinity, there were relatively high coefficiecy.
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