Title Saccharomyces uvarum의 배양시기에 따른 여러가지 인산화합물의 함량에 미치는 IAA의 효과
Author 이종삼 · 초선희
Address 성신여자대학교 생물학과
Bibliography Korean Journal of Microbiology, 19(2),52-62, 1981
Key Words Effect of indole acetic acid on the contents of various phosphate compounds in the growth phase of saccharomyces uvarum
Abstract In order to interpret the effect of IAA on the phosphate metabolism and biosynthesis of organic compounds, Saccharomyces uvarum were cultured in the media treated with various concnetration of IAA(10^-3M, 10^-5M, 10^-7M). Sampling at the beginning and intervals of culture, yeast cells fractionated were traced the contents of inorganic phosphate and organic compounds of various fractions. 1. Growth of Saccharomyces uvarum were enhanced by IAA(10^-3M, 10^-5M) and phosphate contents in DNA and RNA fractions treated with IAA were accelerated 2.3 times and 2 times in comparison with those of control. 2. Amounts of poly-P"A" and poly-p"B" were increased but poly-P"C" decreased during the culture. Therefore, it is considered that poly-P"C" play on most important role as a phosphate pool. 3. It is suggested that because phosphate contents in DNA, protein and lipid fractions increased, inorganic phosphates required phosphates required RNA were transferred from phosphates in cytoplasm, because these increased slowly during the culture. 4. Alkali-labile protein were accelerated by IAA and alkali stable protein only were inhibiction were enhanced by IAA while, ethanol : ether soluble fraction was induced by 10^-5M IAA in comparison with those control.
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