Title 효모의 배양시기에 따른 인산화합물의 합성 및 효흡능에 미치는 탄수원의 영향
Author 이종삼 * · 조선희 · 이기성 · 신홍기 · 최영길
Address * 성신여대 생물학과; 한양대학교 생물학과
Bibliography Korean Journal of Microbiology, 19(2),63-77, 1981
Key Words Effect of the carbon sources on the synthesis of phosphate compounds and respiratory activity of yeast (saccharomyces uvarm) during growth phases
Abstract The growth rate of yeast population (Saccharomyces uvarum) cultivated in the Knopp's modified medium (plus various carbon sources) appeared the highest value when the Knopp's minimal medium was treated to 1.5% with disaccharide such as maltose and sucrose. Also the treatment of lactose and raffinose resulted in population growth as to the population size in case of maltose and sucrose. However, the growth of yeast was not occurred at all when a polysaccharide, such as inulin, was added as carbon source. The growth from of yeast population in Knopp's modified medium are characterized by the fact that log phase continued 100hrs after inoculation and that stationary state phase appeared in general 250hrs after inoculation. Applying the various carbon sources to respiration substrate for yeast cell, the respiration rate of yeast showed the highest value in treatment of maltose and followed in order of raffinose, lactose, glucose, and sucrose. Determined the amount of poly-phosphate and turn over pathway of poly-phosphate according to culture phase of yeast, it is revealed that the yeast synthesized 3 types of poly phosphate (poly-P A,B, and C) and postulated that turn over pathway of poly-phosphate as follows ; Inorganic phosphate is converted into each kind of polyphosphates, and then one part of poly-P-C is converted into poly-P-B, the rest poly-p-C and poly-P-B are converted into poly-P-A. The synthesized poly-phosphate is considered to have a role as energy pool utilizing to synthesis of cellular organic materials. Of the 13 carbon sources used in this experiment, the useful carbon sources for biosynthesis of poly-phosphate and cellular organic materials are confirmed as disaccharide (maltose and sucrose) as well as glucose. Protein synthesis in yeast cell showed the two peaks on 6th and 8th day after inoculation ; nucleic acid on 2nd day (48hrs), carbohydrates on 2nd day (48hrs), and phospholipid on 2nd and 8th day after inoculation, respectively.
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