Title Aspergllus oryza와 그 변이주의 연적배양에 의한 amylase 생성에 관한 연구
Author 한홍의
Address Production Division, Handok Brewery Co., Ltd
Bibliography Korean Journal of Microbiology, 15(2),63-76, 1977
Key Words Amylase production by continuous cultures of aspergillus oryzae and its mutants
Abstract Irradiation with high doses of gamma rays induced the reduction of mycelial weight and amylase activity, and increased relative amylase activity in surface cultures. Biphase in growth curves was shown in aeration-agitation cultures but the behavior of the first phase of growth could be eliminated by replacing the amylasehydrolysed starch substrates, so that enzyme production was shortened ca. 40 hours and relative amylase activity was increased about 3 times higher before onset of autolysis. In the effect of gibberellin on amylase production, the positive stimulation was appeared to only surface culturs of the liquid medium and the negative effect to shake-cultures in a mutant. Trials of various continuous culture were resulted not only the approach to the value of amylase activity in surface cultures of liquid medium, but also higher productivity than in batch cultures. The culture-degeneration was observed in two-stage continuous culture, but did not appear in continuous elevation culture.
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