Title 해조류상에 부착한 효모에 관한 연구
Author 전순배
Address 전남대학교 문리과대학 생물학과
Bibliography Korean Journal of Microbiology, 15(2),77-84, 1977
Key Words Studies on the epiphytic yeast in seaweeds
Abstract The yeast population on 14 species of seaweeds and in water estimated by cultural mothods over a 5-month period in south-west in Korea, Nine species of yeasts, comprising unidentified one, and one of yeast-like fungi were identified. Fifty two percent of 70 isolates were Rhodotorula glutunis. Maximal numbers occurred on Phaeophyceae, while the lower numbers on Chlorophyceae were attributed to the difference of cultural method between the present work and earlier reporters and, to some exent, the higher number of Rhodotorula glutinis which had a prior adaptation to the release of inhibitory polyphenolic materials. Although, to what extent, all division of algae showed a similar variation in yeast population, correlated with month, the rapid decrease of yeast population in August seems to be the cause of exposure of heat irradiation in this month. The cultural estimate of per se fltration without double filter and one of unidentified species are discussed.
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