Title 전이방사선을 이용한 의약제품 멸균연구 IV
Author 이강수 · 천기정 · 김기수
Address 한국원자력연구소 방사선생물학연구실
Bibliography Korean Journal of Microbiology, 15(2),85-92, 1977
Key Words Radiosterilization of Medical Products(IV); Effect of Gamma Irradiation (^60Co) on physico-chemical properties of plastic transfusion set
Abstract We have investigated on physico-chemical and biological test of plastic transfusion set which was manufactured from the three companies after Co^60 γ-radiation. The results obtained were as follows ; 1) In physico-chemical test generally showed a tendency to decrease of pH and tensile strength, and increase of oxidizable matter, phosphoric acid-phosphosphate and heavy metals in its eluted solution by irradiation of 2,5 Mrad. 2) In biological test including toxicity and safety test were passed but indicating haemolysis range the haemolysis test were failed to pass from 30% to 50%. 3) We have found that the raw materials of plastic transfusion set according to manufactures are all different and especially the most radioresistant raw material was found in the product which was manufactured from C company.
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