Title Streptomyces속의 분리 및 동정에 관한 연구
Author 이민재 · 하영칠 * · 안정선
Address 서울대 자연대 식물학과; * 미생물학과
Bibliography Korean Journal of Microbiology, 14(1),25-35, 1976
Key Words Studies on the isolation and identification of genus strptomyces
Abstract A taxonomical study was made on the Streptomyces species isolated from soils in this country, most of which were collected during the period from April, 1974 to July 1975. J.S.P. Methods (1966), I.S.P. Descriptions (1968-1972) and Bergy's Manual of Determinative Bacteriology (1974) were used for most of the experimental methods and identifications. As a result, 24 species were identified as follows ; S. albolongus, S galticri.S. Nashvillensis. S. showdoensis. S.norbonensis. S. flacocirens. S. resistomycificus. S. reshiriensis. S. chromofuscus. S. parvullus. S. chibaensis. S.canus. S. albulus. S. amlachiticus. S.griseoflavus. S. griscoincarnotus. .S. rubiginosus. S. bacillaris. S. setonill. S.intermedius. S. griseinus. S.subrutilus. S.reseosporus.
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