Title Escherichia coli의 peroxidase isoenzyme에 미치는 온도의 영향
Author 강사욱 · 강현삼 · 홍순우
Address 서울대학교 자연과학대학 미생물학과
Bibliography Korean Journal of Microbiology, 14(1),39-47, 1976
Key Words Effects of temperature on the isoenzymes of peroxidase in escherichia coli
Abstract This experiment was designed to study the effects of temperature on the peroxidase isoenzymes of a mesophilic microorganism, Escherichia coli (grown within biokinetic zone). Optimum temperature for the growth of E. coli was 37℃. Three different temperatures, 20, 30 and 40℃, were selected. And the isoenzyme patterns of peroxidase of E. coli, growth respectively at each temperature, were analysed by disc electrophoresis. The sample of 20℃ showed 4 bands, that of 30℃, 5 bands and that of 40℃, 6 bands. Two dark bands (higher molecular weight, 56,000 and 54,000) and two light bands (lower molecular weight, 11,500 and 10,000) were constant at all samples. But two intermediate bands (M.W.44,000 and 34,000) were variable ; at 20 ℃, no banding pattern, one band 9M.W. 34,000) only at 30℃, and at 40℃ two bands were appeared. And the shifts of growth temperatures between 30℃ and 40℃ showed the alteration of the isoenzyme patterns ; the isoenzyme patterns of the sample of temperature shift from 30℃ to 40℃ were same as that of 40℃ and vice versa.
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