Title 해안간척지토양의 생물학적 토성개량에 관한 연구 5
Author 홍순우 · 하영칠 · 이광웅
Address 서울대학교 문리과대학 식물학과
Bibliography Korean Journal of Microbiology, 8(1),13-20, 1970
Key Words Biological improvement of reclaimed tidal land soil (V); Effects of organic matters on saline soil respiration
Abstract Chenges in respiration of the soils collected from the reclaimed tidal soil in Chogi-ri, Kanghwa Island and treated with organic matters are presented. The measurement of the respiration for the samples, which were incubated for 0,2,4 and 5 weeks, were carried out by using Warburg's respirometer. While the respirations of the samples added by organic matters were increased 6.7 - 28.0 times compared with that 0 week during the incubation in case of 5-year soil, the respiration in case of 3-year soil were increased 3.3-11.8 times. Thus, the effect of adding organic matters on the respiration of the experimented soils, as this indicates, was much higher for the soil of 5-year area than that of 30-year area. And for the organic matters Salicornia was most effective and then Suaeda and Oryzae. The samples treated with Salicornia and Suaeda showed their highest respiration rate at the 4th week, but the one with Oryzae was measured to increase progressively during 5 weeks experimented. Regarding the salinity, content of organic matters and number of bacteria, in each intact soil experimented, 5-year soil samples had much poor habitat then 30-year soil for the activity of soil microorganisms, but according to the result mentioned above, it is firmly believed that the addition of organic matters on the saline soil is one of the best means to change the reclaimed tidal land into arable land with less time duration.
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