Title 한국산 야생효모에 관한 연구 2
Author 박명삼 · 라철호
Address 전남대학교 생물학과
Bibliography Korean Journal of Microbiology, 8(3),95-102, 1970
Key Words Studies on the wild yeasts in Korea (II); Wild yeast and Drosophila
Abstract From the crops Drosophila collected in Mt. Sokni and Mt.Kyeryong, 7 strains were isolated and then 6 species of wild yeast were identified. 1) Of these six species of wild yeasts two were to be of genus Saccharomyces(Ascosporgenous), two Torulopsis and two Trichosporon (both genuses of Asporogenous). 2) It was found that the fermentation of the wild yeasts isolated from Drosophila was much better than that of any others ; in particular, S. florentinus and S. cerevisiae were good in fermenting maltose. 3) After being cultivated in malt extract agar medium at 25℃ for 3 days, the vegetative cells were found to be big but Torulopsis cells small. 4) It was also observed that the species of yeasts used fro food by Drosophila largely depends on genus and species of Drophila. 5) Of the yeasts isolated from the Drosophila, Trichosporon capitatum and Torulopsis dattila, which has not previously been recorded, were identified. 6) It is believed, therefore, that S.florentinus, powerful in fermenting maltose, will be extremely useful in terms of industrial application.
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