Title 내염성 적색효모에 관한 연구 2
Author 이택수 · 이석근 *
Address 샘표장유양조장 연구식; * 충남대학교 농과대학
Bibliography Korean Journal of Microbiology, 8(3),103-106, 1970
Key Words Studies on the osmophilic red colores yeast (II); Cultural conditions of Sporobolomyces sp.
Abstract The cultural conditions of the osmophilic red color yeasts (Strain L₁, L₂, L₃and L₄) isolated and identified in the previous report were examined and the results obtained were as follows ; 1. The optimum medium for growth of these osmophilic red color yeasts was soy sauce medium. 2. These strains were grown exceedingly well on the medium containing 3 percent of NaCl but somewhat restrained on the medium containing 6% or more. 3. The optimum temperature for growth of these strains was 25℃ and their lethal temperature was 68℃(treatment for 5 minutes). 4. The optimum pH for growth of these strains was 6.0.
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