Title 해양효모의 분류 1
Author 전순배
Address 전남대학교 문리과대학 생물학과
Bibliography Korean Journal of Microbiology, 8(4),141-150, 1970
Key Words Studies on Yeasts isolated from Marine Substrates (I); From Zostera marina and Several Invertebrates
Abstract As a part of taxonomical and ecological studies on the yeasts in marine environments, several kinds of yeasts were isolated from Zostera marina several invertebrates (penaeus, Meretrix and Neptunus) and surface sea water, which are collected at the two established sites of estuarine areas ; Dolsan island in Youchun district and Baiksu-ri in Youngkwang district. The obtained results can be summarized as follows. 1. Ascosporgenous Yeasts. Hansenula sp I and Hansenula sp II were isolated from Zotera marina and Hanse nular sp I from penaeus. 2. Asporogenous Yeasts. Trichoporon fermentans, Torulopsis, ernobii and Toruopsis dattia were isolated from Zostera marina, Candida krusei from Meretrix and Neptunus, Torulopsis pinus from surface sea waters, and Phodotorula aurantiaca from Penaeus. 3. More notable isolations of several species from Zostera marina than the other sources could be assumed as related to the higher sugar concentration of this plant.
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