Title 미생물의 세포생리에 미치는 전이방사선의 영향에 관한 연구 4
Author 김종협
Address 원자력연구소 생물학연구실
Bibliography Korean Journal of Microbiology, 6(2),41-53, 1968
Key Words Studies on the cellular metabolism in microorganisms as influenced by gamma-irradiation (IV); on the carbosydrate metabolism of yeast irradiated by γ-ray
Abstract Studies on the carbohydrate metabolism of yeast as influenced by gamma-irradiation from cobalt-60 have been carried, then the mechanisms of radiation effect on respiration and fermentation were discussed under considerations of permeable changes of irradiated cell membrane. The cells of baker's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) which had been gamma-irradiated of 240 k.r. doses for an hour, then were put into aerobic oxidation and anaerobic fermentation without substrate. Total and fractionated carbohydrates of irradiated yeast cells were determined by calorimetric method with anthrone and orcinol reagents, the amounts of total carbohydrate, trehalose, RNA-ribose, PCA-soluble glycogen, alkali-soluble glycogen, acetic acid-soluble glycogen, mannan and glucan were determined according to the course of aerobic oxidation and anaerobic fermentation. It is found that the carbohydrates of irradiated cells leak out and amount of the losses teaches eleven times more than that of control, the volume of losses are seems to be replaced by water, it can be suggested the damage of gamma-irradiation occurs in the site of passive transport of cell membrane. The endogeneous aerobic respiration of irradiated cells are increased much more than control, the synthesis of reserve glycogen, glucan and RNA-ribose promoted much more than control. The anaerobic fermentation of irradiated cells are also increased than that of control, but the breakdown of carbohydrate is less than endogeneous respiration of irradiated cells. The synthetic rate is also less than that of aerobic oxidation. In irradiated yeast cells, trehalose is revealed to be primary substrate for endogeneous carbohydrate metabolism, so it is proved that the enzymic patterns are not changed but the activities of enzymes relating endogeneous respiration and autofermentation is activated. It is to be considerable to distiguish endogeneous respiration and autofermentation from exogeneous respiration and fermentation on irradiation, for membrane permeability changes and loses out carbohydrate by ionizing radiation.
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