Title 미생물의 세포생리에 미치는 전이방사선의 영향에 관한 연구 5
Author 김종협 · 전세열 · 최연순 · 김희자
Address 원자력연구소 생물학연구실
Bibliography Korean Journal of Microbiology, 6(2),54-62, 1968
Key Words Studies on the cellular metabolism in microorganisms as influenced by gamma-irradiation (V); On the membrane permeability change and leakage of cellular constityents if irradiated yeast cell
Abstract The effect of gamma-ray on yeast cells Sacch. cerevisiae, and the leakage of cellular constituents such as carbohydrates, ribose, amino acids, inorganic phosphates and organic phosphates have been studied. The samples of yeast cells washed throughly and starved intensively, radiation effects were compared with those of control (un-starved), the irradiation dose rates are in the range from 24 Kr. up. to 480, Kr. The loss of 260m.mu.. absorbing material, are also observed. Mechanisms of membrane damage by gamma-irradiation are discussed corelating to permeability changes and loss of substances, then active and passive transport process are also under considerations in discussion. The experimental results are as follows, 1. Carbohydrates of yeast cell leak out by gamma-irradiation, and amounts of loss increase proportionally as the increasing of radiation dose, curve of carbohydrates loss in starved cells is parallel with those of non-starved cells. 2. Ribose leak out less than that of carbohydrate from irradiated cell, the dose response curve of loss is straight and proportional to the increasing of radiation doses, slope of the curve is much lower than of carbohydrates. 3. Amino acids also leak out and the curve of losses to radiation is not proportional, it is revealed that there are little losses from yeast at lower doses of irradiation. 4. The losses of inorganic phosphates increase unproportionally to the increasing of irradiation doses, there are little leakage at the lower doses of irradiation. The losses of organic phosphates increase proportionally to the increasing of irradiation doses, and the amount of losses are much more than that of inorganic phosphate at lower doses of irradiation. 5. Leakage from irradiated yeast cells was shown to be due to passive transport process not an energy requiring process of ion transport. 6. Loss of 260 m.mu.. absorbing material is little more than that of control yeast by the gamma-irradiation dose of 120K.r. and 240K.r.
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