Title 한국산 맥주성분에 관한 연구 1
Author 한홍의 * · 김종협 **
Address ** 원자력연구소 생물학연구실
Bibliography Korean Journal of Microbiology, 6(2),63-67, 1968
Key Words Studies on analysis of the Korean lager beers (I); On the estimation of total carbohydrates, amino acids and peptides
Abstract Total carbohydrates, amino acids and peptide-like substances in two kinds of Korean lager beers have been analyzed by the calorimetric method of Dreywood's anthrone reagent and Fowden's ninhydrin reagent. The samples were fractionated with column of ion-exchange resin. The experimental results are as follows; 1. Amounts of non-hydrolyzed carbohydrates in the part of column processed is 1. 82% and 1. 96 % (the value was measured by Bertrand's method). But the amounts of those measured by Dreywood's anthrone method are 5.57% and 4.25%, this values are much more than those of Bertrand's method. 2. It can be estimated the amounts of gum and dextrin are 3.75% and 3.30% in both two beers, by comparison of samples with the above mentioned two method. 3. The amounts of carbohydrates by anthrone reagent in acid-hydrolyzed beers are much increased than those of non-hydrolyzed, so it is suggested the presence of polymer carbohydrates which couldn't be detected by Bertrand's method. 4. Total amounts of amino acids are 0.015% and 0.025% (as glycine) in non-hydrolyzed beers measured by ninhydrine color reaction method, on the other hand the amount of amino acids in acid hydrolyzed beers are 0.06% and 0.056%, this is much more than those of nonhydrolysis. The different amounts means that of peptide-like substances. 5. It is necessary to determine the constituent of amino acid for the better taste of beer, and also it is desirable to check the role of carbohydrates in the course of fermentation, mashing and on lager beer for effective utilization of carbohydrate materials to eliminate the losses.
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