Title 유산균 및 효모균에 대한 화학물질의 방사선살균협력작용에 관한 연구 - D.H.A., Sorbic acid 및 Menadion의 협력작용에 대하여 -
Author 김종협 · 전세열
Address 원자력연구소 생물학연구소
Bibliography Korean Journal of Microbiology, 5(1),7-14, 1967
Key Words Studies on synergistic action of some chemicals on radiation sterilization of Lactobacillus and yeast. ; Synergistic actions of D.H.A., Sorbic acid and Menadion
Abstract The synergistic actions of certain antimetabolic agents for Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Lactobacillus plantarum on radiation sterilization have been studied. The used chemical agents are sorbic acid, vitamin-K₃, dehydroacetic acid, p-oxybutyl benzoate and nitrofurazone, those are the permitted as food preservatives. Experimental results are as following, 1) Survival fraction of yeast which was gamma-irradiated and influenced by sorbic acid or vitamin K₃is much reduced than that of only irradiated respectively. 2) It seems like that the used chemicals acts synergistically on radiation sterilization. Sodium-dehydroacetate and p-oxybutyl benzoate are proved to be also synergistic but weakly. 3) Survival fraction of Lact. plantarum which was gamma-irradiated and influenced by sorbic acid, dehydroacetic acid or nitrofurazone respectively much reduced than that of only irradiated group, it can be estimated as synergistic action of chemical affected on radiation sterilization. 4) It was found that nutrient componets can affect radiation sterilization of microorganisms protectively.
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