Title Chlorella variegata beijerinck의 Glucose 배양에 있어서의 chlorophyll 증감관계에 관한 연구 2
Author 이현순
Address 성균관대학교 이공대학 생물학과
Bibliography Korean Journal of Microbiology, 5(1),20-23, 1967
Key Words For the Chlorophyll decrease and formation of Chlorolla variegate by Glucose-Culture (II); Influence of temperature and pH
Abstract I studied about temperature and pH concentration having influence upon chlorophyll decrease on the Glucose culture of Chlorella variegata Beijerinck(211/10a). I cultured under 25℃(standard), 15℃ and 35℃ and compared with each other. The culture of 15℃ didn't have any large difference with the standard culture(25℃) but the culture of 35℃ had a large amount of chlorophyll decrease without carbohydrate accumulation, stimulation of cell division and nitrogen-deficiency. Chlorella variegata had optimum pH 6.5-7 and was a little weak in all phenomenon under pH 8 rather than under pH 6.5-7. Under pH 5 they had deep chlorophyll decrease without pheophytin.
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