Title Amylase 생성세균에 관한 연구 1
Author 이석근 · 이한창
Address 샘표장유양조장 연구실
Bibliography Korean Journal of Microbiology, 2(1),19-24, 1964
Key Words Studies on the Amylase Poducing Bacteria (I); Isolation of a High Amylase Producing strain and its Cultural conditions
Abstract ① Three hundred and twenty four strains of amylase producing bacteria were isolated from various sources and a high amylase producing new strain, which was isolated from MEJU, M-181, was selected for further investigations. ② The new strain M-181 was similar to Bacillus subtilis in the characteristics. ③ Wheat bran medium was the best one for production of amylase so for as the investigations had been done. The amylase activity of M-181 was measured D^40℃ _30' 25,000 to 26,800 on the medium of wheat bran. ④ The strain M-181 did not demand phosphate for production of amylase.
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