No Title Author Volume Page
1 Observation and Enumeration of Attached Bacteria on Cellulos Film Ahn, Tae Seok * · Choi, Seung Ik · Byeon, Myeong Seop vol.33,No.1,1995 1-4
2 Sequence Analysis of the Cytochrome b Gene of Trimorphomyces papilionaceus Mitochondria Kim, Young Hyun · Kang, Young Won · Jung, Hack Sung * vol.33,No.1,1995 5-9
3 Isozyme Analysis of Spiny Species of Scenedesmus in Korea Chang, Yoon Kyung * · An, Seon Sook · Yoo, Soon Ae¹ · Lee, Ki Sung¹ vol.33,No.1,1995 10-15
4 Characterization of the Deletion Endpoints in Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae Mitochondrial oxi3 Gene Large-Deletion Mutants Nam, Su Gil · Kim, Bok Whan¹ · Kim, Sang Ho * vol.33,No.1,1995 16-20
5 Identification of the Genes Involved in Stationary-Phase Specific Acid Resistance of Salmonella typhimurium Bang, Iel Soo · Lee, In Soo¹ · Lee, Yung Nok · Park, Yong keun * vol.33,No.1,1995 21-27
6 cloning of Gene Encoding for Siderophore biosynthesis in Fluorescent Pseudomonas sp. Koh, Han Cheol · Ha, Sung Cheol · Na, Jung A · Kim, Ho Sang · Yeo, Myeong Gu · Lee, Jung Sup · Kim, Sung Jun · Park, yeal * vol.33,No.1,1995 28-33
7 Cloning of the Gene Responsible for Dechlorination of 4-Chlorobenzoate from Pseudomonas sp. DJ-12 Chae, Jong Chan · Kim, Young Chang · Kim, Young Soo¹ · Kim, Chi Kyung * vol.33,No.1,1995 34-39
8 Cloning and sequence determination of α-tubulin, β-tubline and Flagellar Calmodulin cDNAs of Naegleria gruberi Choi, Youn Jeong · Park, Hye Lee · Lee, Joo Hun * vol.33,No.1,1995 40-45
9 Induced Level of CIN2 Gene Transcripts in yeast by Cycloheximide Treatment Lee, Myeong Sok vol.33,No.1,1995 46-50
10 Isolation of Glucose Utilizing Mutant of Alcaligenes eutrophus, its Substrate Selectivity, and Accumulation of Poly-β-hydroxybutyrate Kim, Hye Yeon · Park, Jin Seo · Shin, Hyun Dong · Lee, yong Hyun vol.33,No.1,1995 51-58
11 Biosynthesis of Poly-β-Hydrozyalkanoates by Bacillus thuringiensis R-510 Lee, Kang Tae · Kim, Jeong Yoon · Rhee, young Ha * · Bae, Kyung Sook¹ · Kim, Young Baek² vol.33,No.1,1995 59-65
12 Osmotic Tolerance Response of Salmonella typhimurium with Respect ro Growth-Phase and Identification of otr201, a rpoS-Related Gene Lim, Si Keun · Bang, Soo Iel · Bang, Seong Ho · Lee, Yung Nok · Park, Yong Keun * vol.33,No.1,1995 66-73
13 Incorpotation and production of glucose in Lake Soyang kwag, No Tae¹ · Choi, Seung Ik² · Ahn, Tae Young¹ * · Ahn, Tae Seok² vol.33,No.1,1995 74-79
14 Purification and Characterization of α-amylase from Aspergillus sp. JP-1 Park, Hyung Nam · Yoo, Jin Cheol¹· Yang, Young Ki * vol.33,No.1,1995 80-84
15 Expression of human hypoxanthine phosphoribosyltransferase in Insect Cells Using a Baculovirus Vector Lee, Chong Ho · Yang, Ji Won¹ · Baek, Sang Ki · Yang, jai Myung¹ * vol.33,No.1,1995 85-90
16 Mutational analysis of P2 structure in T4 phage td intron Shin, sook · Park, In kook¹ * vol.33,No.1,1995 91-94