No Title Author Volume Page
1 Characterization of Aeromonas hydrophila Isolated from Rainbow Trouts in Korea Soondeuk Lee, Sookyung Kim, Yoojung Oh, and Yeonhee Lee * vol.38,No.1,2000 1-7
2 Differentiation of Salmonella typhimurium from Gram-negative Intestinal Microbes by Randomly Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) Fingerprinting Un-Ho Jin, Tae-Wook Chung, June-Ki Kim, Kyung-Soo Nam 1 , Sang-Do Ha 2 , and Cheorl-Ho Kim * vol.38,No.1,2000 8-10
3 Development of Molecular Biological Methods to Analyze Bacterial Species Diversity in Freshwater and Soil Ecosystems Dong-Hun Lee *, Sung-Ae Noh, and Chi-Kyung Kim vol.38,No.1,2000 11-17
4 Isolation of the Regulator Gene Responsible for Overproduction of Catalase A in H 2 O 2 -resistant Mutant of Streptomyces coelicolor Ji-Sook Hahn, So-Young Oh, Keith F. Chater 1 , and Jung-Hye Roe * vol.38,No.1,2000 18-23
5 Expression of Human Cytomegalovirus Immediate Early US3 Gene in Human Fibroblast Cells Gyu-Cheol Lee, Chong-Kyo Lee 2 , Jin-Hyun Ahn 3 , and Chan-Hee Lee 1,* vol.38,No.1,2000 24-30
6 Selection of Suitable Packing Material for Biofiltration of Toluene, m- and p-Xylene Vapors Young-Sook Oh and Sung-Chan Choi * vol.38,No.1,2000 31-35
7 Reduction of Hexavalent Chromium by Escherichia coli ATCC 33456 in Batch and Continuous Cultures Woo Chul Bae, Tae Gu Kang, In Kyong Kang, You Jung Won 1 , and Byeong Chul Jeong * vol.38,No.1,2000 36-39
8 Association of a Common Reductase with Multiple Aromatic Terminal Dioxygenases in Sphingomonas yanoikuyae Strain B1 Mihyun Bae and Eungbin Kim * vol.38,No.1,2000 40-43
9 Genetic Analysis of the VP2/NS Junction Region on Segment A of Marine Birnavirus Isolated from Cultured Flounder Paralichthys olivaceous Seong-Joon Joh, Jeong-Ho Kim and Gang-Joon Heo * vol.38,No.1,2000 44-47
10 Monascus Red Pigment Overproduction by Coculture with Recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae Secreting Glucoamylase Ho-Soo Lim, Seung-Ku Yoo *, Chul-Soo Shin, and Young-Min Hyun vol.38,No.1,2000 48-51