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1 Bacterial Diversity at Different Depths in Lead-Zinc Mine Tailings as Revealed by 16S rRNA Gene Libraries Han-Bo Zhang1,2*, Wen Shi2, Ming-Xia Yang2, Tao Sha1, and Zhi-Wei Zhao1 vol.45,No.6,2007 479-484
2 Biological Pretreatment of Softwood Pinus densiflora by Three White Rot Fungi Jae-Won Lee1, Ki-Seob Gwak1, Jun-Yeong Park2, Don-Ha Choi3, Mi Kwon4, and In-Gyu Choi1* vol.45,No.6,2007 485-491
3 Effect of gacS and gacA Mutations on Colony Architecture, Surface Motility, Biofilm Formation and Chemical Toxicity in Pseudomonas sp. KL28 Kyung Soon Choi1, Yaligara Veeraragouda1, Kyoung Mi Cho1, Soo O Lee1, Geuk Rae Jo2, Kyungyun Cho3, and Kyoung Lee1* vol.45,No.6,2007 492-498
4 Isolation and Identification of Newly Isolated Antagonistic Streptomyces sp. Strain AP19-2 Producing Chromomycins Xue-Chang Wu*, Wei-Feng Chen, Chao-Dong Qian, Ou Li, Ping Li, and Yan-Ping Wen vol.45,No.6,2007 499-504
5 Dasania marina gen. nov., sp. nov., of the Order Pseudomonadales, Isolated from Arctic Marine Sediment Yoo Kyung Lee, Soon Gyu Hong, Hyun Hee Cho, Kyeung Hee Cho, and Hong Kum Lee* vol.45,No.6,2007 505-509
6 Cryoprotective Properties of Exopolysaccharide (P-21653) Produced by the Antarctic Bacterium, Pseudoalteromonas arctica KOPRI 21653 Sung Jin Kim1,2 and Joung Han Yim1* vol.45,No.6,2007 510-514
7 Analysis of Vaginal Lactic Acid Producing Bacteria in Healthy Women Hyeran Nam1, Kyunghee Whang2, and Yeonhee Lee1* vol.45,No.6,2007 515-520
8 Degradation of Malic Acid by Issatchenkia orientalis KMBL 5774, an Acidophilic Yeast Strain Isolated from Korean Grape Wine Pomace Sung-Hee Seo, Chang-Ho Rhee, and Heui-Dong Park* vol.45,No.6,2007 521-527
9 Affinity Maturation of an Anti-Hepatitis B Virus PreS1 Humanized Antibody by Phage Display Gi-Hyeok Yang, Sun Ok Yoon, Myung Hee Jang, and Hyo Jeong Hong* vol.45,No.6,2007 528-533
10 Partial Purification of Factors for Differential Transcription of the rrnD Promoters for Ribosomal RNA Synthesis in Streptomyces coelicolor Mi-Young Hahn1 and Jung-Hye Roe2* vol.45,No.6,2007 534-540
11 Analysis of Expressed Sequence Tags from the Red Alga Griffithsia okiensis Hyoungseok Lee1, Hong Kum Lee1, Gynheung An2, and Yoo Kyung Lee1* vol.45,No.6,2007 541-546
12 Generation and Characterization of a Monoclonal Antibody with Specificity for Mycoplasma arginini Yeon Sung Son and Hyo Jeong Hong* vol.45,No.6,2007 547-552
13 A Highly Pathogenic Strain of Bacillus thuringiensis serovar kurstaki in Lepidopteran Pests Hatice Kati1*, Kazim Sezen2, Remziye Nalcacioglu2, and Zihni Demirbag2 vol.45,No.6,2007 553-557
14 Initial Characterization of yliH in Salmonella typhimurium Kyung-Hwa Park1,2,3, Miryung Song1,2, and Hyon E. Choy1,2* vol.45,No.6,2007 558-565
15 Mouse Strain-Dependent Osteoclastogenesis in Response to Lipopolysaccharide Ho Gil Choi1,2, Jin Moon Kim1,2, Bong-Ju Kim1, Yun-Jung Yoo1,2, and Jeong-Heon Cha1,2* vol.45,No.6,2007 566-571
16 Guided Selection of Human Antibody Light Chains against TAG-72 Using a Phage Display Chain Shuffling Approach Sang Jick Kim and Hyo Jeong Hong* vol.45,No.6,2007 572-577
17 Melanogenesis Inhibitory Effects of Methanolic Extracts of Umbilicaria esculenta and Usnea longissima Moo-Sung Kim1 and Hong-Bum Cho2* vol.45,No.6,2007 578-582
18 Effect of fur on pyrC Gene Expression Sangho Chai, Chang Kyu Song, Seong Kwun Kim, Jun Ho Park, and Sechan Wee* vol.45,No.6,2007 583-589
19 Isolation of Multidrug-Resistant Salmonella typhimurium DT104 from Swine in Korea Ki Eun Lee and Yeonhee Lee* vol.45,No.6,2007 590-592
20 Development of a Simple Cell Lysis Method for Recombinant DNA Using Bacteriophage Lambda Lysis Genes Boyun Jang, Yuna Jung, and Dongbin Lim* vol.45,No.6,2007 593-596