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1 MINIREVIEW] The Potential Hazards of Aspergillus sp. in Foods and Feeds, and the Role of Biological Treatment: A Review Sheikh Imranudin Sheikh-Ali1, Akil Ahmad2, Siti-Hamidah Mohd-Setapar1,2*, Zainul Akmal Zakaria1, Norfahana Abdul-Talib1, Aidee Kamal Khamis1, and Md Enamul Hoque3 vol.52,No.10,2014 807-818
2 Citrimicrobium luteum gen. nov., sp. nov., Aerobic Anoxygenic Phototrophic Bacterium Isolated from the Gut of a Sea Cucumber Stichopus japonicus Hong-Joo Jung1, In-Tae Cha2,3, Kyung June Yim2, Hye Seon Song2, Kichul Cho2, Daekyung Kim2, Hae-Won Lee2, Jae Kook Lee1, Myung-Ji Seo3, Seong Woon Roh2*, and Sung-Jae Lee1* vol.52,No.10,2014 819-824
3 Identification of Proteolytic Bacteria from the Arctic Chukchi Sea Expedition Cruise and Characterization of Cold-active Proteases Ha Ju Park, Yung Mi Lee, Sunghui Kim, Ah Ram Wi, Se Jong Han, Han-Woo Kim, Il-Chan Kim, Joung Han Yim, and Dockyu Kim* vol.52,No.10,2014 825-833
4 Distinct Patterns of Marine Bacterial Communities in the South and North Pacific Oceans Sung-Suk Suh1, Mirye Park1, Jinik Hwang1, Sukchan Lee2, Youngjae Chung3*, and Taek-Kyun Lee1* vol.52,No.10,2014 834-841
5 Synthetic Lethal Screen of NAA20, a Catalytic Subunit Gene of NatB N-Terminal Acetylase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Kang-Eun Lee, Jun-Young Ahn, Jeong-Mok Kim, and Cheol-Sang Hwang* vol.52,No.10,2014 842-848
6 σB Affects Biofilm Formation under the Dual Stress Conditions Imposed by Adding Salt and Low Temperatur in Listeria monocytogenes Jin-Ju Lee1, Gilho Lee2, and Ji-Hyun Shin1* vol.52,No.10,2014 849-855
7 Surface Display Expression of Bacillus licheniformis Lipase in Escherichia coli Using Lpp’OmpA Chimera Jae-Hyung Jo, Chan-Wook Han, Seung-Hwan Kim, Hyuk-Jin Kwon, and Hyune-Hwan Lee* vol.52,No.10,2014 856-862
8 Biocatalytic Properties and Substrate-binding Ability of a Modular GH10 β-1,4-Xylanase from an Insect-symbiotic Bacterium, Streptomyces mexicanus HY-14 Do Young Kim1, Dong-Ha Shin2,3, Sora Jung1, Jong Suk Lee4, Han-Young Cho1, Kyung Sook Bae5, Chang-Keun Sung3, Young Ha Rhee6, Kwang-Hee Son1*, and Ho-Yong Park1* vol.52,No.10,2014 863-870
9 Characterization of a Novel Antigen of Mycobacterium tuberculosis K Strain and Its Use in Immunodiagnosis of Tuberculosis Paul J. Park, Ah Reum Kim, Yangkyo P. Salch, Taeksun Song, Sung Jae Shin, Seung Jung Han, and Sang-Nae Cho* vol.52,No.10,2014 871-878
10 Microscopical Observation of Inhibition-behaviors against Diaporthe citri by Pre-treated with Pseudomonas putida Strain THJ609-3 on the Leaves of Citrus Plants Yun Jung Ko1, Ju Sung Kim1, Ki Deok Kim2, and Yong Chull Jeun1* vol.52,No.10,2014 879-883
11 NOTE] Alicyclobacillus tengchongensis sp. nov., a Thermo-Acidophilic Bacterium Isolated from Hot Spring Soil Min Goo Kim1,2, Jae-Chan Lee3, Dong-Jin Park2, Wen-Jun Li4,5, and Chang-Jin Kim Kim1,2* vol.52,No.10,2014 884-889