No Title Author Volume Page
1 MINIREVIEW] Modern and Simple Construction of Plasmid: Saving Time and Cost Hideki Nakayama and Nobuo Shimamoto* vol.52,No.11,2014 891-897
2 Spatial Distribution of Microbial Communities Associated with Dune Landform in the Gurbantunggut Desert, China Ruyin Liu1, Ke Li1, Hongxun Zhang1*, Junge Zhu2, and DevRaj Joshi3 vol.52,No.11,2014 898–907
3 Application of Response Surface Methodology for Rapid Chrysene Biodegradation by Newly Isolated Marine-derived Fungus Cochliobolus lunatus Strain CHR4D Jwalant K. Bhatt, Chirag M. Ghevariya, Dushyant R. Dudhagara, Rahul K. Rajpara, and Bharti P. Dave* vol.52,No.11,2014 908-917
4 Deodorization of Pig Slurry and Characterization of Bacterial Diversity Using 16S rDNA Sequence Analysis Ok-Hwa Hwang1, Sebastian Raveendar1, Young-Ju Kim1, Ji-Hun Kim1, Tae-Hun Kim1, Dong-Yoon Choi1, Che Ok Jeon2, Sung-Back Cho1, and Kyung-Tai Lee1 vol.52,No.11,2014 918-929
5 FgFlbD Regulates Hyphal Differentiation Required for Sexual and Asexual Reproduction in the Ascomycete Fungus Fusarium graminearum Hokyoung Son1, Myung-Gu Kim1, Suhn-Kee Chae2, and Yin-Won Lee1* vol.52,No.11,2014 930-939
6 Transcriptional Regulation of fksA, a β-1,3-Glucan Synthase Gene, by the APSES Protein StuA during Aspergillus nidulans Development Bum-Chan Park, Yun-Hee Park, Soohyun Yi, Yu Kyung Choi, Eun-Hye Kang, and Hee-Moon Park* vol.52,No.11,2014 940-947
7 Salinity as a Regulator of DMSP Degradation in Ruegeria pomeroyi DSS-3 Paula Salgado1*, Ronald Kiene2, William Wiebe3, and Catarina Magalhães1 vol.52,No.11,2014 948-954
8 Use of Selected Lactic Acid Bacteria in the Eradication of Helicobacter pylori Infection Jin-Eung Kim, Min-Soo Kim, Yeo-Sang Yoon, Myung-Jun Chung, and Do-Young Yum* vol.52,No.11,2014 955-962
9 The Identification of Six Novel Proteins with Fibronectin or Collagen Type І Binding Activity from Streptococcus suis Serotype 2 Hui Zhang1,2, Junxi Zheng1, Li Yi1, Yue Li1, Zhe Ma1, Hongjie Fan1,3*, and Chengping Lu1,3 vol.52,No.11,2014 963-969
10 Function of VP2 Protein in the Stability of the Secondary Structure of Virus-like Particles of Genogroup II Norovirus at Different pH Levels: Function of VP2 Protein in the Stability of NoV VLPs Yao Lin, Li Fengling, Wang Lianzhu, Zhai Yuxiu, and Jiang Yanhua* vol.52,No.11,2014 970-975
11 NOTE] A Protective Role of Methionine-R-Sulfoxide Reductase against Cadmium in Schizosaccharomyces pombe Chang-Jin Lim1, Hannah Jo1, and Kyunghoon Kim2* vol.52,No.11,2014 976–981